having purpose

Through my adventures I have always had a camera, pen and paper. I have written many thoughts down and taken many a picture. My goal is for people to learn to love the nature and the outdoors through respect and ethical practices to which I strive to achieve.  My motto when I am out hunting or hiking is always to make it the next ridge.  But the adventure never stops once you reach it, as another ridge becomes visible. Thus you must press on to conquer the next challenge. The same goes with life.  You can’t “win” at life.  As soon as you overcome one obstacle, another one will present itself. When you are all by yourself in the wilderness, self motivation becomes hard to muster, and doubt creeps in as you begin to question your abilities.  Its funny how closely our walk with God correlates to hunting.  Sometimes I feel on top of the world after finding a bull elk I have been chasing all day. Then just when I think I am the world’s best hunter, my wind changes and the bull is gone forever.  The same goes with living your life walking with God.  One minute you are standing firm in your faith, and the next you are questioning if God really even exists.  Hunting has some many ups and downs, and you must be willing to learn through your failures.  99% of the time you will fail in some way, shape or form while you are out chasing your quarry. Life can truly beat you down and make you feel as if you don’t “deserve” to know Jesus. You will begin to lack the faith you have acquired and will begin to believe what society says about being a “Christian”. In these times of hardship and stress, the world truly sees what your values are.  My attitude towards hunting is that I am always trying to learn something new. Whether that be through failure or listening to another hunter’s experience, my goal is to never be the smartest person in the room.  I strive to achieve this goal I have for hunting with my walk with Christ, but I admit I fail most of the time at doing it.  I will not give up nor concede to temptations of this world as the next ridge is just on the horizon, and I know I am not alone in pursuing my goal.

My goal, in sharing my passion, is to help people see what true beauty we have in this world.We do this by hunting in such a way so that it is ethical and supports conservation for the animals that are given to us kill.  The journey to chase an animal is full of life lessons that can open someone’s eyes to the true Meaning of life.

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