Murph’s Carry

Murph’s Carry- a story on how you get a warrior with one leg up a mountain

2 miles up. 2 miles down. Elevation- 11,000 feet.

A picture tells many stories. Pictured you will see Alex in the lead and Murph on top. Both of these men served their country and were a part of class 3 of the American Warrior Association’s Soul Program.

Seven men combined their efforts to make it possible for Murph to reach his goal. Between a makeshift stretcher, a backpack and our own shoulders we carried this man up and down the mountain that day. Murph’s determination to reach the top opened up his mind and body to allow us to serve him in a truly humbling manner. Being thrown over someone’s shoulder who then proceeds to traverse up a mountain puts a man in a very uncomfortable position. Murph never said one word complaining about his current situation. In fact, he was the one who was making jokes all day. His drive and willpower to reach the top was truly inspiring for every man on the mountain that day. One step at a time was our motto as we slowly progressed up that mountain. We were greeted with rain and hail upon our summit if you were to ask me was a proper greeting. There Murph recovered from his climb under a poncho warming himself by the fire. Sore, tired, and soaking wet he entertained us throughout the downpour. The rain lasted just short of an hour as the storm continued on its course heading east. As we began the journey down, each man could feel the pains from the first half of the trip. With soaking wet clothes, sore muscles, and an urge to fill our stomachs with some abnormally large pork chops, we pressed on with each step-down. A few changes in strategy on carrying Murph and a couple bewildered looks from strangers on the trail and soon enough we found ourselves back at the trail-head. A day well spent in the mountains with a band of brothers.

Proverbs 17:17-  A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity

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