The Wilderness Series, Part 1

The wilderness has an alluring presence about it. Just its name alone attracts many to think in ways that seem far out from the typical day to day activities. We all search for some avenue to discover more about ourselves. Rather this be through a group or a solitude environment; we would all agree that a divine presence must come into play for self-discovery to be achieved.

A journey of epic proportions into the vast expanse of the unknown where one can lose himself to nature and forget about the world that is behind them. I would say that that is a relatively accurate description of what most would say an adventure into the wilderness should comprise of. The wilderness in physical relations is seen as an area that has minimal intrusions by human hands and machines so that man may only be a visitor to these wild places, leaving them in their most natural state.

One thing I love the most about the wilderness or any of the wild places that I venture into is the fact that you are not actually escaping the world that is behind you. When you strip down the distractions that surround us daily, you have no choice but to face what exactly is distracting you. Venturing into the unknown brings you face to face with whatever you deem the biggest fear in your life.

I have been on my fair share of wilderness adventures here in America and overseas, as well. A common thought I have had once an adventure was completed was one of regret. You never truly know how much you love the time spent in a wild place until you leave that wild place. Strangely, you miss those struggles, those little inconveniences, and those hardships that you faced out there in the bush. All of those little things have added up over time and have helped me find some sort of purpose in different areas of my life.

This article has been an introduction into how I view an environment that I consider rugged enough to earn the title of “Wilderness.”

There will be many articles to follow that will cover various experiences I have been fortunate to endure that have made a lasting impact in my personal growth.   

My goal is that once you are done reading this, you will find your own reason to go out into a personal wilderness setting to test your limits and to discover what treasures are just over the next ridge.

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