The Wilderness Series- Placement

People ask me what I do for work, and I have yet to find a shortened answer to that question.  I have a very odd way of making a living, and some would go as far as to say that I am living the dream.  Being in the right place at the right time rather by strategic movements or sheer luck has brought me to my current season that I am.  The one thing that is common with my many different job titles is that I am required to find the nearly perfect placement in the various activities that I am involved in.

Wrong placement is often seen and realized much quicker than proper placement.  A scenario that has played through my head the past 6 months is that of a bull elk that slipped through my hunter’s grasp.  Despite my efforts to close the distance on the mature bull and my ability to call the bull into just under 8 yards, we were still unsuccessful in killing our intended target.  As the early sun was rising over the mountain to our east, it peaked just before the bull showed himself.  This bull looked magical as he silhouetted himself on the ridge, appearing more like a dragon with his breath glowing in the early morning sun.  At the last second, before he had appeared, I had moved our setup to the right about five yards.  This proved to be my error as the bull came in with the sun at his back, which pretty much blinded us and made it impossible for my hunter to see his bow sight. That right there is bad placement due to guide error. 

Rather I am guiding elk hunters, talking to customers or leading veterans on a backpacking expedition, I find that I must place myself in situations that will not only make me successful but also the men I am leading.  So much of what I do hangs on where I put my feet, where I place my thoughts and where I place my heart. 

Just as I look to place myself and others into situations that will be successful, God has placed me in situations that He knows I will be successful in.  This success may bring me worldly glory, but in the end, it brings Him glory. His placement is always perfect, and His timing of that placement is always perfect. 

You may be going through a season right now where you are questioning your current placement with your job, relationship status; the list can go on.  I want to encourage you to press on. You may not believe you are set up for success, but God believes you are.  He can see your promise even in your hardest season.  Your placement in that hard season is worth your patience as the longer the winter, the greater the harvest.

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